Cyber Zeds Photography
“Even if you’re on the
right track, you’ll get run
over if you just sit there.”
- Will Rogers
Welcome!  Enjoy the
images you find here!
My goal is to find the
pot of gold..  In my
images, form,color and
light play key roles.
The light comes first.
Light cause colors toI
have impact and
catch the viewers eye.
  Great images,
unlike great art are 99%
perspiration and !%
inspiration.  For my
images, being there at the
moment the light is right. 
has no substitute.
Come inside and see
what's cooking.
Rule #1 for my images.
Enjoy being in the moment.
Location photography in the San Francisco Bay Area
and Hawaii. Fashion, Casual, Portrait,Sports/Action,
Editorial, Lingerie, Glamour and Artistic Figure.
All images and content are copyright Cyber Zeds Photography 2000 - 2014 and may not be copied, used or redistributed in any manner or form either in
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